What Is The Role Of The Recliner On The Car Seat? Manufacturers Give A Detailed Explanation

- Jun 21, 2018 -

Car seat manufacturers have some low-cost car seats, normal seat back connecting plate, seat block connecting plate, seat back connecting plate, seat connecting piece, centerpiece, hand wheel and adjusting crank, integrated back Bones and bones. Install in the seat of the passenger seat and complete the seat back position installation. According to the position of the conditioning, another conditioning and stepless adjustment angle adjustment can be divided into one.

The car seat recliner is a pair of folding seatbacks and a supine device that allows you to use a double or single lock. The core technology of manufacturers of car seat angle regulators is the manufacture and design of teeth, and there is no direct imitation of planned tooth designs. The internal teeth of the external teeth are the most important part of the force, and all the requirements for the teeth are very high. The core of the design is to increase the transmission efficiency and the maximum tooth strength, mainly on the smooth surface of the tooth and the high number of teeth. Generally by precision stamping technology.


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