Can Welding Steel Of Different Specifications Reduce The Production Cost Of The Car Seat Frame?

- Jun 16, 2018 -

Welding steels of different specifications can reduce the production cost of car seat skeletons.

Laser welding is the use of laser energy, will be a number of different materials, different thickness, different coating of steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, such as automatic welding and welding to form a whole sheet, profiles, etc., to meet the performance of the parts of the material Different requirements. Laser tailor-welding technology has a significant role in improving the overall performance of automobiles, improving the safety performance of automobiles, reducing the weight of automobiles, reducing the number of automotive parts, lowering automobile manufacturing and operating costs of automobiles, and thus becoming the current trend of automobile development.


The car seat skeleton is one of the key components in automobile manufacturing and improving the safety performance of the car. For a long time, the car seat skeleton parts used by domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers have been welded by arc welding technology after the two parts have been stamped and pressed several times. This brings a series of problems such as a large number of manufacturing processes and molding dies, and high manufacturing costs.


Modified car seat recliner recliner A device that is mounted on a car seat to achieve seat angle adjustment. The device is generally composed of a seat back link plate, a seat frame link plate, a core piece, a hand wheel or an adjustment handle, a return spring and the like (in some low-cost seats, a seat back link plate and a seat frame link plate are generally integrated. Backrest skeleton and seat skeleton). The angle-adjusted continuity can be divided into step adjustment recliners and stepless adjustment recliners. Discontinuous recliner Discontinuous recliner A device that is mounted on a car seat and used to discontinuously adjust the angle of the car seat backrest. The feature is that the locking or unlocking of the device is controlled by a handle or a lever to realize the non-continuous adjustment of the angle of the backrest of the car seat, and the return of the backrest of the car seat is usually realized by the restoring force provided by the spring. Continuous adjustment recliner continuous recliner A device for continuous adjustment of the angle of the seat back of a car seat, which is driven by a hand wheel or a motor. The stepless adjustment recliner of the car seat backrest usually adopts the structure of the planetary gear transmission.

1. Easy to clean. Relative to the velvet seat, the dust can only fall in the leather seat profile, not deep into the seat, so that it can be cleaned with a light cloth, and it needs to be purchased for the velvet seat. Seat cushions, etc., or they may permeate inside the seat once they are soiled.

2. Easier heat dissipation. Although the dermis also absorbs heat, its thermal performance is better. At noon in summer sunburned vehicles, the seat must be very hot. But assuming it is a leather seat, you can disperse to hot air with a few shots of your hand, or you won't feel the heat until you sit for a while. The flannel seats do not have such good heat dissipation.


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