How Should We Choose The Bus Seats?

- Jun 19, 2018 -

So if the grades are relatively close, the price is relatively close, in the end what kind of seat fabric is the best?

Bus seat to see if there is a hole, not punching leather hot summer cold

The leather that is not punched is the normal one. It looks more upscale; but one drawback is that it is hot in the summer and just sitting in it in the winter. It's cold and not very pleasing.

Perforated leather summer breathable winter cold

If it is a real leather hole, in theory, it has some help for the ventilation of the summer, but it is not particularly obvious. Everyone in winter is still the same.

The punched leather seat with fan is best

The most advanced one is the real leather perforation and seat ventilation. In fact, it is putting a small fan in the perforated seat.

Therefore, this ventilation and punching must have occurred at the same time. It is impossible to only ventilate without perforating. In the summer, it gives you ventilation, which is very helpful for rapid cooling. This is something I personally like very much. One configuration.

Female car seat heating is better

There are also words for the majority of female owners. In fact, if you choose seat ventilation, it is better to choose seat heating. The seat is heated by a heating wire, which is thermally conductive, so it can be achieved without punching.

When you wear in a short skirt in winter or when you wear a short skirt, when the air-conditioned air hasn't had time to heat and blow out hot air, it is very cold. At this time, heating is quite practical.

Which kind of seat fabric feels best for ass?

The car seat can be divided into fabric, ah, leather, leather hollow, ventilation seats, then which of these seats in the end it is the best feeling for this ass?

Leather is not necessarily better than fabric

First of all, we must think about such a question. Is this leather definitely better than fabrics?

In fact, this seat fabric, leather fabric, fake leather, ah, ah, there are so many materials, that leather is actually very difficult to generalize, why?

Different kinds of dermis do not feel the same

It is divided into many types. Your super high quality leather is very good, cool in winter and cool in summer and very durable; but this kind of bad leather is also existent, airtight, uncomfortable and easy to crack and deform, the whole car looks It's very old and broken.


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