Driving In The Summer To Cool The Seat. Seat Ventilation Is The Most Important

- Sep 13, 2018 -

Driving in the summer for a long time, riding the car, the bottom of the butt is always hot and hot; under high temperature, you open the door that is parked outside, the temperature inside the car is no less than the dry steam room of the sauna, the seat is so hot that you can not get close... Diseases such as folliculitis, eczema, hemorrhoids, and hemorrhoids invade you without knowing it.

Sedentary in the seat after the sun exposure, it is easy to make the legs and buttocks full of "acne", which is what we call folliculitis. In addition, some people's skin is not stable, and the temperature is too high, the buttocks are red and swollen like acne, and the thigh trunk also has hair follicle inflammation.


       In the summer, some people always feel uncomfortable and even itchy around the anus. In this regard, experts pointed out that high temperature and sweat in summer, wet perianal, if you do not pay attention to personal hygiene, it is easy to itchy. For obese people, excessive sweating, plus more fat, sebaceous glands, and easy to produce hemorrhoids. The symptoms of acne are: red pustules, which are easy to bleed by rubbing clothes.

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       Car seat air conditioner is the best replacement for the traditional seat of the car. It has the function of adjusting the temperature and humidity of the seat surface. It can effectively remove the heat from the legs and the ankles, waist and back. It has very comfortable ventilation and inhibits. Sweating, night sweats, avoiding the above-mentioned symptoms, and dispelling the afterglow; providing the necessary heat to the driver in the winter to ensure that the driver is happy when driving.

The unique ventilation circulation system of the car seat air conditioner continuously supplies fresh air from the seat cushion and the small hole on the backrest to prevent sweating on the buttocks and the back, providing a comfortable riding environment and effectively improving the human body and the seat surface. In the air circulation environment of the contact part, even if it is used for a long time, the contact surface of the body on the seat will be dry and comfortable.

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