Hot Summer How To Give The Car A Comprehensive Maintenance And Inspection?

- Sep 08, 2018 -

In the summer, high temperature, rain, and road area water will have certain impact and damage on the car. Below, Xiaobian will introduce the car beauty, application and maintenance tips for the car owners:


   1. Check the air conditioner

   Car air conditioners are the most frequently used components in summer. First, you should check the air conditioners regularly for lack of fluoride. Secondly, you should check whether there are leaks. Usually, there are investigation holes on the drying tanks, which can be determined from the flow of the bubbles.

   2. Choose the right lubricant

   Check the lubricant in the engine and chassis assembly, and add high viscosity lubricant and high boiling grease. In addition, high boiling point brake fluid should be used (not less than 115~120 °C);

   3. The speed of the car should not be too fast

   In order to avoid the tire bursting, it should be inflated according to the regular tire pressure, and the vehicle speed should be properly lowered when it is hot in the afternoon;

  4. Adjust the car power supply

   Properly reduce the battery electrolyte density; properly lower the charging current, voltage, and clean the regulator contacts;

   5. View cooling equipment

   Remove the scale from the engine water jacket and radiator and test the thermostat function.

Be prepared to deal with heavy rain roads

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   Although today's car technology is very mature in anti-rust treatment, but the rainy summer will still bring a lot of test to the car body, which requires attention to waterproof and paint surface:

   1. The intake system should be waterproof

   Because the car air filter is mostly composed of paper, if the air filter is damp, the intake resistance will increase, which will also increase the corrosion of the internal moving parts of the engine. Therefore, when driving on a rainy day, especially when passing through a puddle, it is necessary to reduce the speed of the vehicle and prevent the intake system from entering the water;

   2. Regularly view the drainage system

   The water tank and the drainage hole at the front windshield of the car should be inspected and dredged on time to avoid the accumulation of water formed by poor drainage into the vehicle;

   3. Maintenance paint surface

   It is best to go to a professional beauty shop to do a paint coating to completely isolate the UV, acid rain and sand erosion. The coating warranty is relatively long and can reach 1-5 years. In addition, it is best not to wash the car under the sun.

   Car cooling trick

   Every summer, if the car is parked outdoors for a long time, hot air will not flow because the door is locked. Excessive daylight will also speed up the interior of the car, especially the aging of some plastic parts. Here are some tips for sun protection:

   1. The explosion-proof membrane is now branded with more explosion-proof membranes. The price and quality of the installation are not the same. Usually, the price of the whole vehicle is about 2,000 yuan, which can effectively reduce the heat generated by the sun radiation into the car.

   2. Install the sun visor If the car is to be parked in the sun for a long time, a sun visor made of foldable reflective soft material can be placed in the front windshield.

   3. When using air conditioners to start the vehicle on the road, do not rush to open the air conditioner, first turn the fan to the maximum, and then start the air conditioning and cooling. This is not only good for refrigeration, but the most important thing is to discharge the odor emitted by the interior decoration at high temperature out of the window.

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