How To Adjust The Car Seat And Rearview Mirror?

- Sep 08, 2018 -

The coach teaches you to adjust the rearview mirror, which is generally based on seeing the reference object. However, on the actual road surface, there are not many lines of the base to choose from, especially on the roads of the country roads and even the roads. At this time, how should we adjust the rearview mirror and the seat? Because everyone is fat and thin, and the habit is different, the first thing to get on the train while driving school is to adjust the rearview mirror and seat.

Step 1: Adjust the seat bumps When you sit in the cockpit, adjust the sitting and convexity according to your height. If the car can't be conditioned, don't adopt the way to put the cushion under the buttocks. If you are in an emergency environment, your butt is not well fixed on the seat, and you can't control the car well. The general seat assumption is not too high to meet the needs of the general population. But when you buy a car, you still have to choose a car with seat conditioning.

The second step: conditioning the distance of the seat. The far-sightedness of the conditioning is to follow the fatness of my body to feel infected, of course, according to the length of my legs. The best conditioning is when the brakes are stepped on, the knees are slightly bent. This is because in an environment where emergency braking is required, people who are too far away can not operate accurately, and agile braking is easy to form a chasing chase, and too close a distance will make the body too close to the target disk. In an emergency environment, the driver is severely injured.

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The third step: adjusting the angle of the backrest Many old drivers like to adjust the backrest into a sofa style, feel very comfortable, and think that this is not easy to euphemistic. However, it is very dangerous to drive. If you are in a hurry, you will greatly reduce the accuracy of the operation, and you will be able to take the target and take it to your neck. The exact way is to hold the backrest against the back and straighten the arms. The wrist tube can be easily placed on the target tray. The fourth step: conditioning the target disk After conditioning the seat, the target disk of the conditioning target, the target disk is too high for the operation to form a hindrance, the target disk is too low will cause danger to the leg in the event of a disorder. According to my physical needs to adjust, after the adjustment is completed, look at the wrist can not be placed on the target edge of the target. Step 5: Conditioning the headrest The headrest is a secondary thing to shelter the cervical spine. Its main master should have it. Accurate adjustment is also indispensable. When adjusting the headrest, the core line of the headrest should be flush with the eyes.

Step 4: Adjust the interior rearview mirror Accurate adjustment of the system. The distance of the far side is placed horizontally at the centerline of the rearview mirror, and then the movement is placed so that the image of the right ear is placed on the left edge of the mirror. Step 7: Adjusting the rear view mirror The left rear view mirror accurately adjusts the system, placing the degree line at the midline position of the rear view mirror, and then adjusting the edge of the body to 1/4 of the occupied mirror image.

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