How To Design Safe And Comfortable Tractor Seats?

- May 31, 2018 -

Seats vibration comfort design

The seat material is the main vibration-reducing element of the seat, so the first thing to consider when designing the vibration comfort of the seat is to ensure the vibration comfort of the seat from the seat material (select flexible plastic); secondly, consider The shock spring reduces the impact on the driver.

The structural shape of the seat also affects its vibration comfort to varying degrees. Because of the greater compression of the disc

Tractor safety and comfortable seat design

Potential and good elasticity, so the spine has the ability to endure stronger longitudinal vibrations. In the transverse direction, only the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments of the spine are attached to the anterior and posterior edges of the lumbar disc and play a role. Therefore, the ability of the human spine to withstand horizontal forces is low. When designing the seat, it must have the ability to resist lateral vibration. The backrest of the seat back allows the back of the waist to be supported, and the moderate softness of the backrest cushion increases the frictional force, which can buffer the impact of the lateral vibration on the human body. At the same time, both sides of the backrest slightly bulge and the shape of the seat surface bulges up on both sides. Can also reduce the body's horizontal movement trend, make people feel comfortable.

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