How To Maintain The Forklift?

- Jun 14, 2018 -

To make the forklift work normally and reliably, to show the potential of the forklift and to have regular maintenance measures. Technical maintenance measures are generally:

1, routine maintenance, after each shift.

2. First-level technical maintenance, after a total of 100 hours of work, one shift of work is equivalent to two weeks.

3, secondary technical maintenance, cumulative work 500 hours, a shift of work is equivalent to a quarter.

First, routine maintenance

1. Clean the dirt, dirt and dirt on the forklift. The key parts are: fork carriage and gantry slide, generator and starter, battery electrode prongs, water tank, air filter.

2. Check the tightening conditions of various parts. The key points are: fork support, lifting chain tensioning screws, wheel screws, wheel fixing pins, brakes, steering gear screws.

3. Check the reliability and flexibility of the foot brake and steering gear.

4. Check the leakage situation, the key points are: each pipe joint, diesel tank, oil tank, brake pump, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, water tank, water pump, engine oil pan, torque converter, transmission, drive axle, main deceleration Device, hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder.

5. Remove the oil filter sediment.


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