Look At The Performance Of A Car Is Good Or Bad, What Is The Main Thing To See?

- Jun 20, 2018 -

1, the engine: power, and the vehicle speed; torque, and the vehicle speed, torque, speed, but high torque also depends on how much speed is generated, generally 1500 to high torque is particularly good, static acceleration Fast, on behalf of the German turbocharged engine, while other vehicles have high torque, but can only play in 3000 to 4,000 rpm, which means that low speed static acceleration is not very good, good late acceleration; horsepower: the same with power , but the unit is not the same

2. Gearbox: The more gear shifts, the smoother it is. Generally, the manual is 5-6 gears, and the automatic 4-6 gears. In addition, there are continuously variable gears, which are more advanced than the previous ones.

3, suspension: points before and after the suspension, the general front suspension are using McPherson type, a small number of use of multi-link, rear suspension generally low performance using torsion beam type, the advantage is large rear space, low cost, the disadvantage is poor handling The tilting of the body is large. Some sports cars and high-grade cars use multi-link suspensions, usually more than three. The advantage is good handling, good road-thrustability, and small turning inclination. The disadvantage is that the cost is high and the rear row takes away. A certain amount of back space.


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