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- Sep 05, 2018 -

The automatic seat is a power seat with storage function. It is a combination of ergonomics and electronic technology. It can automatically adapt to the occupant's ride comfort requirements of different sizes.

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In addition to changing the position of the front and rear, the height of the seat, the tilt of the backrest and the headrest, the seat adjustment device can also store several pieces of data (or information) of the seat position, as long as the occupant presses the button, it can automatically Call out the various positions of the seat. If the occupant who does not meet the stored data (or information) rides at this time, the car will beep to indicate the warning. Automatic seats are now widely used in mid- to high-end cars.

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1. Basic composition of automatic seats

 The basic structure and driving method of the automatic seat is similar to that of the ordinary electric seat, except that an electronic control system is added. The electronic control system has two sets of controls, one set is active, it includes a power seat switch, a lumbar pad switch, a lumbar pad motor and a set of seat position adjustment motors, etc., through the corresponding seat switch and lumbar pad as needed The switch is adjusted to the same way as a normal power seat; the other is automatic, which includes a set of position sensors, storage and reset switches, an ECU, and a set of seat position adjustment motors common to the manual system.

 The device can store the seat position based on the signal from the position sensor for use in the next restoration of the seat position. The two sets of drivers can be used according to different needs by manipulating the storage and reset switches.

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2. Basic working principle of automatic seat

 The control circuit of the automatic seat is operated by the front and rear sliding adjustment of the seat, the up and down adjustment of the front part of the seat, the up and down adjustment of the rear part of the seat, the tilt adjustment of the backrest, the up and down adjustment of the headrest, and the front and rear adjustment of the waist pad. . The front and rear adjustment of the waist pad is directly controlled by the lumbar pad switch and the lumbar pad motor, and there is no storage function. The driver can control the remaining five adjustments by manipulating the power seat switch. When the seat position is adjusted, press the store and reset switch, and the electronic control unit will store the signals of each position sensor for reuse when the seat position is restored next time. When used next time, as long as the position storage and reset switch is pressed, the seat ECU drives the seat motor to adjust the seat to its original position. The functions of each device in the control system are as shown in the table.

An automatic (adjustment) seat with eight functions and an adjustment mechanism for another multi-function automatic seat.

 1. Eight-function automatic seat

 1, front and rear adjustment 2 - backrest tilt adjustment 3, - up and down adjustment 4, - headrest front and rear adjustment 5, - seat front adjustment 6, - side back support adjustment 7, - lumbar support adjustment 8, - headrest up and down adjustment

2. Multifunctional automatic seat adjustment mechanism

 The automatic seat electronic control system circuit schematic consists of three parts: the seat position sensor, the electronic controller ECU and the drive motor of the actuator. The sensor includes a position sensor, a rear view mirror position sensor, a seat belt buckle sensor, and a steering wheel tilt sensor; the ECU includes an input interface, a microcomputer CPU, and an output processing circuit; the actuator mainly includes performing seat adjustment, rearview mirror adjustment, and safety. Micromotors with buckles and steering wheel tilt adjustments, and these motors can be flexibly forward and reverse to perform various device adjustment functions. In addition, the system is equipped with a manual switch. When the switch is manually operated, each drive motor circuit can be turned on, and torque can be output to perform various adjustments.

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