What Are The Core Component Technologies Of Car Seats?

- Sep 04, 2018 -

The key core components of the passenger car seat are seat motor, slide rail, and angle adjuster; the car seat motor is the power source of the car electric seat, belonging to the middle and high-end passenger car; with the higher-level supplier's requirements for the motor Continuous improvement, seat motor requirements; China's research on automotive micro and small motors started late, most; seat rails; seat rails are the most important part of the seat assembly, very important The role of the seat rail is another technical difficulty in the rail manufacturing technology.

The key core components of passenger car seats are seat motors, slide rails, recliners, memory devices and more. These core technologies are still in the hands of foreign investors and joint ventures such as Brose, Faurecia, Johnson, and Zibo. As the largest automobile producer and consumer country, China also urgently needs to master these core technologies, but there is a certain gap with foreign-funded enterprises, and domestic enterprises are trying to catch up.

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The car seat motor is the power source of the car electric seat and belongs to the middle and high-end passenger car equipped device. The seat motor is mainly a permanent magnet DC motor. According to the number of magnetic poles, it can be divided into two-pole motor and multi-pole (mainly four-pole) motor; if it is divided according to magnetic material, it can be divided into ferrite motor and rare earth motor. At present, the adjustment of the position of the car seat adopts two methods of mechanical and electric control based on manual adjustment. The seat motor and mechanical drive mechanism allow the seat to be adjusted in a horizontally raised and tilted position.

As higher-level suppliers demand more from motors, seat motors require greater output power in smaller volumes and higher levels of noise and vibration resistance. Foreign companies such as Bosch have entered the automotive micro-motor industry very early, and have accumulated a wealth of design and manufacturing experience. While their product quality is recognized, their research direction also leads the development direction of the automotive micro-motor industry. It can be speculated that the future development trend of car seat motors is toward small size, high output power, low noise, low vibration and easy and fast installation.

China's research on automotive micro- and small-sized motors started late, and most of them are based on the research data of foreign large-scale motors to carry out research work on small motors, which inevitably produces many wrong calculations. At the same time, domestic control and research on the noise and vibration of automobiles and their components is relatively weak, which limits the entry of products into the high-end market.

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