The Importance Of The Seat

- Jun 13, 2018 -

The most important role of the seat is to support the driver and passenger body. In order not to move the body forward while the car is decelerating, the front of the seat is designed slightly higher. In particular, sport-oriented cars use a recessed back seat that wraps the body deeply. When you take a long ride without changing your posture, you often think that the driver's seat is soft and good. However, under the premise that the seat is suitable for one's own body shape, the seat with a hard surface is not easy to cause fatigue. Hard seats that don't conform to their shape can compress a part of the body, multiply fatigue, and cause severe pain.


The driver's seat is an important component that determines the driving position. However, cars are driven by a variety of physical and body types of drivers and cannot be made for them individually. Therefore, the driver's seat is equipped with a position adjustment mechanism.

Basic adjustment mechanisms for the seat include a tilt mechanism and a seat slide mechanism. The tilt mechanism adjusts the seat back to any tilt angle.

Seat backs are usually graduated using a ratchet mechanism. Some limousine seat backs can be adjusted by stepless rotation of the knobs.

The seat slide mechanism adjusts the movement of the seat in the fore-and-aft direction. After pressing the quick adjustment mechanism to release the lever, the locked state can be released and the seat can be slid.

In addition, the adjustment mechanism applied to the seat is various. The lumbar support mechanism used in the seat is a more typical example. A mechanism for appropriately pushing the driver's waist is provided in the seat back to reduce the driver's long-time driving fatigue.

In addition, there are mechanisms for adjusting the supporting parts on both sides of the seat back and a vertical height adjusting mechanism for adjusting the height of the front part of the seat.

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