The Seat Skeleton Business Explains The Car Speed And Camshaft Position Sensor

- Jun 12, 2018 -

The seat skeleton business explains the car speed and camshaft position sensor

Car speed sensor

According to the automobile seat manufacturer, the speed sensor includes an engine speed sensor installed in the transmission; the speed sensor is mounted on the drive wheel, the driven wheel, the rear axle main reducer housing or the transmission output shaft.

1), automotive engine speed sensor detection

1 Use a multimeter to measure the resistance value of the sensor induction coil. The sensing coils of different models are in different ranges. 2 Use a multimeter to test whether the terminal voltage is the standard value and measure the signal voltage pulse voltage.

2), vehicle speed sensor detection

1 Unplug the speed sensor connector. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance at both ends. 2 Different models have different resistances; place the shift lever in “N” gear, turn the wheel by hand, and measure the signal voltage of the Euc end vehicle speed sensor with the voltage of the multimeter, and there should be voltage indication (pulse voltage). If the display is abnormal, check the speed sensor circuit. If it is normal, check or replace the ECU. Some models use magnetoelectric speed sensors. The inspection method is the same as the magnetic-induction crankshaft position sensor. The induction coil resistance and the AC voltage signal should meet the requirements.


Automotive camshaft position sensor

The camshaft position sensor is a position signal that acquires the camshaft of the distribution cam and is input to identify the top dead center of the cylinder compression, thereby performing sequential injection control, ignition timing control, and deflagration control. Mounted on the camshaft.

Camshaft position sensor detection

1) When the ignition switch is OFF, disconnect the wire connector of the cam position sensor and measure the resistance value between the terminals on the cam position sensor with the resistance of the multimeter. If the resistance value is not within the specified range, the crankshaft position sensor must be replaced.

2) Pull out the wire connector of the cam position sensor. When the engine rotates, use the voltage range of the multimeter to check whether the pulse voltage signal is output between the terminals on the cam position sensor. If there is no pulse voltage signal output, the crankshaft position sensor must be replaced. Agricultural machinery seat


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