Traditional Cinema Chairs Are Outdated! Nowadays, These Theater Chairs Are Popular, And The High-end Atmosphere Is On The Grade!

- Aug 23, 2018 -

[Leather sofa with solid wood handrail] Dark brown exterior with high density, high resilience sponge, long-term use is not easy to deform; seat width is sufficient, side button can be adjusted back tilting relative position and position of the back, user-friendly design It is not easy to cause fatigue. It is an intimate cinema chair, luxurious and comfortable.

Modern design home theater vip cinema sofa chair.jpg

[Soft leather sofa] The choice of soft leather color can be changed according to the requirements of the theater. The backrest is purposely designed to separate the two parts, the lumbar pad and the headrest. The sponge body is moderately soft and hard, suitable for all kinds of people to rest on. The whole person can sit comfortably on the waist pad, so that the whole person feels relaxed; the sponge in the headrest position is softer than the waist pad. Some, the head can be more comfortable to sleep on the chair.

Multifunctional Popular Home Theater Enjoyable Recliner Sofa Cinema chair.jpg

[With the support of the foot sofa] simple and stylish appearance, the unique design of the backrest, plus the foot bracket can adjust the height according to the user's preference, the whole person hesitates to lie on the bed in the home to watch the movie, like the emperor Level of enjoyment, comfortable.

Europe style home cinema reclining chair electric recliner theater sofa.jpg

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