Two Common Seat Interface Fix Methods

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Seat belt fixing method

This kind of child safety seat fixing method is to use the seat belt on the car, so it can be used in any seat belt configuration model in the world. Many child safety seats sold in the country only support this fixed method.

Seat belts with fixed seat belts are awkward to use. First, make sure that the seats are installed in the forward or reverse direction. Then place the seats on the seats and secure them with seat belts. Although I say this is relatively simple, but this kind of fixed way is the key point is to use the seat belt to fix the seat on the seat this process. To secure the child safety seat firmly, it is necessary to slowly tighten the seat belt after passing through the seat, paying special attention to tightening the seat belt. In general, it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to install the child safety seat for the first time. It is recommended that the salesperson carefully teach you to use it at the time of purchase. The advantage of this fixing method is that it is versatile and many children's seats support this type of installation. However, the disadvantage is that the installation is time consuming, complicated, and prolonged use tends to cause loosening.


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