When Driving, What Angle Does The Seat Adjust To The Most “waist”?

- Jun 08, 2018 -

According to the Suzhou Bonwell expert report, when sitting, the waist is the most laborious, because all the upper body's strength is on the waist. Therefore, it is very important for people who drive regularly to learn how to adjust the seat to optimal comfort. Prof. Hai Yong, director of the orthopaedic department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said at the Johnson & Johnson Open Day held recently that the driver’s seat was the most protective when the seat and backrest were tilted about 100 degrees.


       This is because when a person leans against a 100-degree seat back, the body is slightly backwards, which fits perfectly with the natural curve of our waist's slight dorsiflexion. At this time, the bulge at the back of the car seat is the most effective. Reduce the pressure on the waist.


       In life, many new drivers like to straighten the back of the chair, thinking that sitting up straighter can be practiced. But in fact, according to our waist curve, the lumbar spine is straight, and the pressure it receives is also the biggest, but it is not good for the waist.


       Experts suggest that you may check your seat back before driving today. If you are afraid of 100 degrees, you can straighten up the seat back, and then let the headrest of the chair tilt backwards.


       If you want to open a long-distance car, it is recommended to put a small cushion on the back so that you can better protect your waist.


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