What Are The Choices For Forklifts And Shelves?

- Sep 07, 2018 -

Forklifts and shelves are indispensable for the warehouse. The two have a deep relationship. The forklifts need to access the goods on the shelves. The shelves should protect themselves from being damaged by the forklift. Then, when designing the shelf layout solution, first select the forklift or first select the shelf? You may want to listen to what the professionals say.

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The first point: forklifts and shelves are chosen together. Forklift suppliers, shelves, users, three parties negotiate, select the most suitable forklift and the most practical shelves, so that it saves money and applies, the probability of three-way time crossover will be greatly reduced, may affect the overall progress of the program, not necessarily fully feasible .

The second point of view: first choose the shelf and then choose the forklift. When the racking solution is implemented, when the forklift supplier recommends the forklift, it may not be possible to select a fully matched forklift model. Only non-standard vehicles can be used, and the choice of non-standard forklifts may cost tens of thousands more, which is undoubtedly raised. The overall cost is very undesirable.

The third point of view: first select the forklift and then choose the shelf. When the forklift model is selected and the shelf supplier can make the appropriate storage plan, the customer's characteristics and needs may not be fully considered. This may make the warehouse space not fully utilized, or affect the operation efficiency, and the desirability is not Very high.

In fact, shelf suppliers have their own fixed forklift suppliers. When designing the shelf layout solution, they will fully consider the standard forklift model and formulate a suitable shelf plan. Unless the user has special needs, it will not use non-standard models. No need to face the ready-to-use shelf solution, you can't find the right model forklift, saving time and effort

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